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Childbirth Education

As well as listening regularly to the Christian Hypnobirthing App, understanding the physiological process of birth, and being well informed about the different options available to you, will massively increase your confidence, and help you feel more relaxed and prepared for birth and postpartum. Below are a number of courses that we recommend. 


by Christian Hypnobirthing

Experience a more relaxed, confident and faith-filled birth.

Creator of the Christian Hypnobirthing App, Tara Menzies, brings you an in depth antenatal training course to work alongside the Christian Hypnobirthing relaxation tracks, to help you feel confident and informed about birth. 


In this course, you will learn:

    ⁃    techniques to help you relax, overcome fear, and build a faith-filled birth mindset

    ⁃    how to set up a wonderful birth space

    ⁃    ways to physically prepare for birth

    ⁃    facts and research that can help you with some of the very important decisions around birth

    ⁃    how to feel more connected to God and your baby throughout your pregnancy and birth

by Karen Welton

This is an in depth antenatal training coming from a faith-based perspective. Karen is a certified birth doula and over years of working with women from all different backgrounds and beliefs, discovered that pain free birth is not only possible, it is teachable, and she shares her wealth of knowledge in this amazing course. 



  • 9 Teaching Modules to help you have an empowering birth experience

  • 9 Activations including retraining your nervous system, breathing exercises, healing from past trauma, connecting to your body, your baby and your intuition, and more!

  • Bonus: Positions Tutorial for Pregnancy, Birth and Pushing

  • Access to Pain Free Birth Course for a full 18 mo incl all updates

  • Cheat Sheet for What to Do When Your Plan Isn’t Working

  • Sample Birth Plans

  • Access to Pain Free Birth Facebook Community Moderated by Karen Welton

  • And more coming!”


By KGHypnobirthing

Katharine Graves, founder of KGHypnobirthing and author of best seller The Hypnobirthing Book, will personally guide you through the KGH online course in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 


The course includes:

    •    12 hours of videos (in 19 separate modules)

    •    Easy to follow instructions for simple but highly effective practice

    •    A copy of The Hypnobirthing Book (digital edition)

    •    Free KGHypnobirthing Relaxation Audios

    •    PDF course notes to download

    •    A birth plan template

    •    Access to a private KGHypnobirthing Parents’ Support Group

    •    A bonus COVID-19 module to guide you at this specific time

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