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Sadly around 1 in 3 women experience birth trauma often due to a lack of antenatal education, and not feeling supported during their birth. For this reason, we always recommend combining the relaxation practice on the Christian Hypnobirthing app with a childbirth educational course, so you can feel confident about the birthing process and make decisions from an informed and empowered place.


The Empowered Postpartum Course

20% Discount Code: CHB20 

Setting Yourself Up for a Great Postpartum, Infant Sleep, Pelvic Floor Health and Recovery, Feeding Your Baby and Maternal Mental Health modules from five incredible postpartum professionals to help you have the best postpartum experience possible. 

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The Faith-Filled Childbirth Course

20% Discount Code: CHB20 

Our Faith-Filled Childbirth Course helps women understand their miraculous design for birth, the impact of who they choose as their care provider and where they choose to give birth, and equips them with tools to help them stay relaxed and calm no matter where or how they give birth.​

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20 Christian Birth Affirmation Cards

50% discount for subscribers (in the Christian Hypnobirthing app click 'more' then 'birth affirmation cards' for the code).

These items are instant download and you will receive 4 A4 PDF sheets including 5 cards on each page ready for you to cut out. 10 of the cards are Encouraging Scriptures for Birth, and 10 are Positive Affirmations for Birth.

Other Courses and Products We Recommend

The Pain Free Birth Course

10% Discount Code: CHB10

Join thousands of women who have transformed their birth experience from fear and trauma to joy and expectation. 9 Video Modules broken down to bite-sized pieces, Hands-On Activations, Breathing Exercises,PFB Workbook and more!

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LumeBox - Red Light Therapy

$260 Discount Code: christianhypnobirthing

Red Light Therapy can potentially improve sleep, reduce pain and inflammation, enhance alertness and mood and have a positive impact on hormones and skin health. ​It may also increase melatonin levels, which could be beneficial for pregnant women as low levels of melatonin have been found in women with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. There are limited studies on safety of use in pregnant women so please check with your provider before purchase. 

The Birth Sling

$10 Discount Code: CHB10

A new take on an ancient birthing tool - The Birth Sling was lovingly created for Birthing Mamas and Birth Workers as a way to encourage upright and active birth no matter where you chose to birth.

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Needed - The Best Vitamins For Pregnancy

20% Discount Code: CHB20

Needed's prenatals have been formulated in collaboration with perinatal practitioners, using data from testing thousands of mamas' nutrient levels to support you to thrive, not just survive. Their Prenatal Multi includes 24 vitamins and minerals in optimal forms and dosages that mamas and babies need*. Take it before, during, after pregnancy— and even beyond.

The Labor Comb

Birth combs provide a natural way to manage labor intensity by using acupressure and the gate control theory to reduce the perceived intensity of labor pain.

The teeth of the comb can put pressure onto specific acupressure points. The points lie along the creases of the hands where the fingers join the palm. They can also help release endorphins into the body. 

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