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"Biblical Hypnobirth Encouragement/Training - having this Christian resource was an absolute blessing. Just birthed my daughter yesterday morning without pain meds." ★★★★★

- Merrily_Me (App Store Review)

"Pain Free Natural Dream Birth - It was the birth I had always dreamed of and I am now a firm believer that you can experience a natural birth without pain and that birth is not something to be feared." ★★★★★

- StephLC86 (App Store Review)

"Fantastic Christian childbirth preparation. ★★★★★"

- TJ Ryan (App Store Review)

“Wonderful! What a wonderful app. As a first time mum to be, all the horror stories of pregnancy and birth are always in the front of your mind. This app is great. It keeps you calm and relaxed. I’m no longer worrying and really believe that I can do this. ★★★★★”

SeLvlk (App Store Review)

"So glad I found this app, it seriously blessed me towards the end of my pregnancy and during labor. ★★★★★"

- Houston mommy (App Store Review)

"That an app can be so spiritually supportive and help ease anxiety in one of life’s greasiest journeys is incredible. ★★★★★"

- Houston mommy (App Store Review)

“Already enjoying this app greatly as I prepare for another home birth. ★★★★★”

- A Google user (Google Play Review)

“I am so grateful for this recording. I was having a hard time with the other Hypnobirthing meditations. This resonates with my soul. This really helps me. I plan to use this when labour begins.”

- Yummies (Youtube)

“Relaxing and resourceful - Really enjoying this app so far. Incredibly relaxing and useful. It’s taking me on an interesting and enlightening journey - excited to continue! ★★★★★”

- vixvixvïx12 (App Store Review)

“I had the MOST AMAZING BIRTH EVER thanks to your wonderful app. Even my medical team was asking what I was playing during my labor. They wanted to see the app icon and make sure they had the correct name of it.” 

- Audra Wilsbacher Hango (California, USA)

“Thank you so much for this app! Exactly what I have been looking for throughout my pregnancy. ★★★★★”

- Ulrike Kruger (Google Play Review)

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