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Featured birth: A Natural Birth After Two Cesareans

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

I knew from the very beginning that this birth would be different. We were quite certain our two beautiful children completed our family until God whispered in my heart that there would be one more, and this time the birth would be what I had always asked for. My first two children were both breech presentations and resulted in c-sections and a long, hard road of recovery.

Knowing that a 2vbac (vaginal birth after two cesareans) is not at all common I was determined to see God’s promise through and surround myself with scripture, prayer and family support for a safe water delivery of this baby. God kept reminding me of his promise in Matthew 7:7 ‘Keep on asking and you will receive what you ask for’. I opted for a private Christian midwife who could support my journey and this meant so much to me! I spoke this scripture over and over whilst using the Christian hypnobirthing app’s breathing techniques and calming affirmations to guide me. My midwife had suggested I look into this technique and the time I spent using this strengthened me and gave me the peace and courage I needed in the lead up to birth. It also broke the fear barrier of labour, to recognise pain as a vehicle to bringing my baby into the world and to use it rather than resist it.

My labour began 9 days before due date on a Friday night, this was significant to us because my husband Curtis couldn’t get any time off work and we prayed to God asking him to give us a weekend labour. Even better, it was the weekend before Christmas which meant we could have the long weekend together with our new baby! While walking around Friday night markets a few people commented on how low and ‘ready’ I looked. I really didn’t think it was time but as we headed home I felt period like pains in my lower back. I didn’t say anything as we put our 7 year old, Tom and 4 year old, Siena to bed. I kissed my husband goodnight thinking at the back of my mind ‘well if this is it he will need his sleep or won’t be much help to me!’ I then spent the next couple of hours pottering about, adding finishing touches to my hospital bag and rolling on a fit ball as I texted my sister in Uganda knowing she was the only one awake.

Contractions at this point were 5 mins apart so I sent my midwife a message saying I thought this was it. Strangely she didn’t respond to my message then or over the next few hours. I wasn’t panicked as again I thought best to leave her sleep as this could be the beginning of a long day! By 3am I woke my husband and called my mother in law to come over. Contractions were speeding up and I wanted to get to hospital with plenty of time to spare. Both children woke as we got ready despite how quiet we were and came out to give me a cuddle and wave me off. They looked at me with such hope and love in their eyes, anticipating the arrival of their precious baby brother. I just knew everything would be ok.

We arrived in hospital at 4am from which point the hospital got in contact with my midwife who hadn’t heard her phone during the night. This had never happened to her before and she was in the car and on her way over in a flash. This was all in God’s plan as it meant she could spend the following hours present when I would need her most. I found myself most comfortable over the fit ball with my headphones in and the Christian hypnobirthing app playing my favourite affirmations and music. Due to baby’s posterior position, the back pain was very intense and I found myself in a zone - just me, my baby and God. This too was a blessing as all pressure and pain was away from my caesarean scarring, the cause of concern for uterine rupture during birth.

Hours passed and I wouldn’t have known the time but what I did know was God’s presence and his promise from Psalm 30 reminding me that ‘there will be sorrow in the night but joy comes in the morning’. As I felt the contractions intensify and I felt that I couldn’t get my breath I uttered two things ‘Oh my God, please help me,’ and that He did. Oscar made his way down as site hospital staff entered the room wanting to intervene. My midwife kept them at bay knowing he was just seconds away from delivery and I felt myself reach out as I was told to catch him and pulled him up onto my chest. I have never felt more relief, gratitude and joy all in one moment as I looked down at this beautiful gift from God. Yes, labour for me was pain like no other but it didn’t consume me. I was confident in God’s word, my support network and hypnobirthing techniques.

Oscar was born at 1.09pm without ANY intervention - perfect, healthy and a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

by Eve Sheers

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