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Overcoming fear and radically changing your outlook on birth

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

This was my second baby and I decided to do a homebirth in the midst of all the Covid drama going on. I’ve always wanted a homebirth and this time I was able to get my husband on board. I was really enjoying my midwifery care but couldn’t help but be super nervous about no pain meds since I had an epidural the first time. I started furiously researching on methods to cope with the pain when I discovered hypnobirthing, I contacted a couple teachers but they’re sample recordings just didn’t sit right with me as a Christian.

Through some google searches I found Jackie Mize’s book Supernatural Childbirth and it radically changed my outlook on pregnancy and childbirth. I got really deep into spending time with the Lord and prayed desperately for a fast, easy and painless birth. As my pregnancy was coming to an end I wasn’t feeling super confident in my mindset and started searching again for some more Christian resources to put my mind at ease, which is when I found your app. I was about 34 weeks at that time and I was losing sleep over my fear of giving birth, I knew God would be there for me but I just needed more external reassurance. I started listening to your app every night while I drifted off to sleep and it immediately put an end to my insomnia, both my husband and I loved drifting to sleep with it. By 38 weeks I still wanted some sort of class for practical techniques and found one called “A Heavenly Welcome” which I also highly recommend.

I started having painless contractions off an on for 2 weeks leading up to giving birth, I honestly couldn’t even tell if they were contractions or not. The night before I gave birth I felt so peaceful, I did some self care and yoga before bed while having strong but still painless and inconsistent contractions. At 3am I felt a little liquid after going to the bathroom, I couldn’t tell if it was pee or not so I laid awake too excited to go back to sleep (I was 39 weeks and 6 days). Then around 5:30am I started having big and now consistent contractions. I still wasn’t sure if this was it so I casually told my husband about them when he woke up for work and he decided to stay home.

We cuddled and chatted in bed excitedly as the contractions picked up more, then decided to call the midwife at 6am but she said to call her back when things seemed more serious. My husband started to set up our bed and the birthing tub and called my mom to come over while I labored in the other room. Things progressed very quickly and I hit transition at 7am, so of course I sort of lost all control of my calm demeanor and started to freak out a bit. My husband was totally clueless how far I had progressed and was still setting up, my mom hadn’t arrived either. My firstborn took 26 hours to birth which is why we didn’t realize I had hit transition. As I was escalating in panic and then pain I remembered my Christian hypno app and started listening to it while laboring on the toilet. I experienced instant relief and calm again after turning it on.

My mom arrived shortly after and knew from looking at me that the baby would be there any minute, my husband and I had no idea. We called the midwife to come at 8am and then my body started pushing on its own, my water broke in the toilet so I rushed into the birthing tub across the hall which was barely filled enough to labor in. The water felt amazing and I was able to refocus and slow down between pushes. There was a moment that we all 3 looked at each other in silent agreement that we can do this without the midwife but it was still kind of scary. As my daughter was crowning the midwife came running up the stairs and got there just in time. My perfect baby girl was born at 8:43am and the only time I experienced pain was at the very end. So thankful for your app and for God answering my prayers!!


Megan Young

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