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When you go over 40 weeks...

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Our first three babies were born at around 42 weeks in hospital. Our first was induced and our following two babies came naturally, but the pressure I felt to induce from 40 weeks meant the end of those pregnancies were stressful and unsettling.

When pregnant with baby number four, it was important for me to trust in God’s plan for this labour and birth to ease my worries. I was blessed to have a supportive community midwife who encouraged my idea to have a home birth.

I began listening to the Christian Hypnobirthing app around halfway into my pregnancy and found the Prayers for Strength particularly helpful when I found myself becoming anxious about induction. Thankfully, I went into labour at 41+4 and I am sure that the trust I felt made me more relaxed and ready to birth.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22.

Notes from a home birth

Listening to the dawn chorus on 9th March, heralding the rise of a new day, this was the day we would meet our new love.

The reassuring presence of my husband and my trusted community midwife kept me calm. Forever grateful for the respect they showed me as I disappeared into my little birth bubble.

A move to the bathroom which felt safe and quiet. Power and might as the transition began and I could feel the little one begin to descend. Stillness as I waited between the surges.

Fifteen minutes later, a little head emerged en caul, the sight of a little face inside a balloon of water. Quite unique.

One final push and thank God for the safe arrival of our baby! A girl!

Pure love.

A retreat to the bedroom to cuddle and bond and begin to get to know this new little person. Skin to skin, the first breastfeed.

The obligatory post-birth mug of tea and toast. But this time, with peanut butter, eaten in my own bed and made with love by my husband and toddler.

A cuddle with a delighted Daddy; a meeting of four sisters.

The sacred early days of a new life.

Beth ~ @fromthevicaragetable

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